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Corporate Shoot with Fully Managed

A fun and relaxed shoot with the team at Fully Managed.

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Sjw_fullymanaged_0107__edit Sjw_fullymanaged_0215_ Sjw_fullymanaged_0242_ Sjw_fullymanaged_0334_ Sjw_fullymanaged_0440_ Sjw_fullymanaged_0485_ Sjw_fullymanaged_0110__edit Sjw_fullymanaged_0403_
Vancouver Peace Summit Commemorative Book - Cover by Samantha J Walker

My image is featured on the front cover of the Vancouver Peace Summit coffee table book commemorating the auspicious event that brought His Holiness The Dalai Lama to Vancouver in September 2009. My images are also featured throughout the beautifully designed book.

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Samanthajwalker_covers-3 Samanthajwalker_covers-2
Happy 2nd B-day to the F*Cancer Campaign

2 years strong using the F-Word to fight the C-Word!

FUCK CANCER is an initiative that aims to empower patients, survivors and their loved ones to live and laugh, not just despite this disease, but because of it.

Check them out and start F*ing Cancer in your own way: letsfcancer.com

Here are some highlights from my original shoot with Sarah McLachlan, Frank Giustra, Anna Wallner, and the founder Yael Cohen and her extraordinary mother, Diane.

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Sjw_fcancer-1 Sjw_fcancer-2 Sjw_fcancer-3 Sjw_fcancer-4 Sjw_fcancer-5 Sjw_fcancer-6 Sjw_fcancer-8
Chinois Yaletown - An inspired menu by Executive Chef Ryan Mah

Executive chef Ryan Mah, formerly of Goldfish, is at the helm at Yaletown's stylish new restaurant Chinois. Mah is a Dubrulle culinary school grad who spent time in Hong Kong, did a stage at Heston Blumenthal’s Fat Duck restaurant in the U.K., and worked at Chinatown’s Wild Rice.

Sjw_chinois_0315_ Sjw_chinois_0335_ Sjw_chinois_0389_-edit Sjw_chinois_0398_-edit Sjw_chinois_0403_-edit Sjw_chinois_0410_-edit Sjw_chinois_0548_-edit Sjw_chinois_0550_-edit
Chinois Yaletown

A stylish addition to the Yaletown dining offering is Chinois. Owned by the charming Peter Girges (also the visionary behind Opus Hotel's 100 Days and 100 Nights restaurants).

Sjw_chinois_0180_ Sjw_chinois_0154_ Sjw_chinois_0196_ Sjw_chinois_0202_ Sjw_chinois_0220_ Sjw_chinois_0232_ Sjw_chinois_0255_ Sjw_chinois_0074_
Cento Notti Menu Shoot

A few of the inspired menu highlights from Chef Paul Marshall at Opus Hotel's Cento Notti.

111011_opuscentonotti_240 111011_opuscentonotti_179 111011_opuscentonotti_189 111011_opuscentonotti_193 111011_opuscentonotti_198 111011_opuscentonotti_211 111011_opuscentonotti_227 111011_opuscentonotti_159
Chef Paul Marshall of Cento Notti

A big welcome to Chef Paul Marshall at Opus Hotel's golden pop up restaurant Cento Notti.

Cento Notti Restaurant Yaletown

A golden evolution for Opus Hotel's fine dining pop-up restaurant with an inspired menu by Chef Paul Marshall.

111011_opuscentonotti_286 111011_opuscentonotti_098-edit 111011_opuscentonotti_288 111011_opuscentonotti_067-edit 111011_opuscentonotti_134
Splash 2011 - Art Auction & Gala

I'm honoured to have been invited to present one of my edition prints at the 2011 Arts Umbrella Splash Art Auction & Gala. Splash is one of Vancouver’s most established charitable art events features a stunning collection of works by some of Canada’s most prominent artists.

Splash is an experience. It is a feast for the senses, including a cocktail reception, a fine wine and food experience, performances by Arts Umbrella students, a hot DJ revving the party up and of course, 100 engaging contemporary artworks. More than 500 guests attend for the chance to bid on coveted artworks, raising much-needed funds for Arts Umbrella.

Splash 2011 - Saturday, October 15, 2011

Arts Umbrella's 29th Annual Art Auction & Gala Performance Works, Granville Island 6:30pm to midnight


Sjw_splash2011_0001 Picture_1 Picture_2
Vancouver Wedding - Lara & Ryan

A much anticipated wedding between my dear friends Lara and Ryan - fellow photographers so the pressure was on! I was truly honored that they asked me to help capture the day. It was a blast from the moment I arrived at the hotel where Lara was getting ready (see next blog post for some of those moments!).

The wedding was very unique - just like Lara and Ryan - they had a Catholic ceremony followed by a Jewish ceremony!

It was so interesting to witness the alchemy of traditions during this beautiful and harmonious day.

Sjw_vancouver_wedding_lara_ryan_0001 Sjw_vancouver_wedding_lara_ryan_0002 Sjw_vancouver_wedding_lara_ryan_0003 Sjw_vancouver_wedding_lara_ryan_0004 Sjw_vancouver_wedding_lara_ryan_0005 Sjw_vancouver_wedding_lara_ryan_0006 Sjw_vancouver_wedding_lara_ryan_0007 Sjw_vancouver_wedding_lara_ryan_0008
Vancouver Wedding - Some getting ready moments with Lara

As you can see, the fun started pretty early at the hotel...

Lots of laughs. Lara really wanted to jump on the bed.

Sjw_vancouver_wedding_lara_moments_0001 Sjw_vancouver_wedding_lara_moments_0002 Sjw_vancouver_wedding_lara_moments_0003 Sjw_vancouver_wedding_lara_moments_0004 Sjw_vancouver_wedding_lara_moments_0005 Sjw_vancouver_wedding_lara_moments_0006 Sjw_vancouver_wedding_lara_moments_0008
Unite With Art Catalog Cover image by Samantha J Walker

Proud to have one of my images from Zimbabwe featured on this year's Unite With Art catalog.


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When you educate a girl in Africa, everything changes.

She’ll be three times less likely to get HIV/AIDS, earn 25 percent more income and have a smaller, healthier family.

Educated girls grow into educated women, who have healthier babies and are more likely to educate their children.

When girls and women earn income, they reinvest 90 percent of it into their families, as compared to only 30 to 40 percent for a man.

Here are a few unforgettable faces from my recent trip to Zimbabwe with UNICEF.

Sjw_zimbabwe_girl_education_0001 Sjw_zimbabwe_girl_education_0002 Sjw_zimbabwe_girl_education_0003 Sjw_zimbabwe_girl_education_0004 Sjw_zimbabwe_girl_education_0005 Sjw_zimbabwe_girl_education_0006 Sjw_school_girl_zimbabwe Sjw_classroom_unite_with_art

Off to Zimbabwe!

I'll be in Africa from March 20-25th documenting Unicef's work in Zimbabwe. You can follow me on the following travel blog: One-Witness.com

I'll be posting photos, video and stories live from the field! I hope you'll sign up to receive email updates.